About Us

About Us

Our Mission

At EVRealities we’re working to remove barriers to VR/AR content creation and discovery.

We believe the future of visual content is immersive media. It is engaging, intentional, and deeply personal to step into new or unreachable environments and stories. The multi-sensory experience of taking a new perspective has powerful potential.

We believe everyone should be empowered to create the world they want to live in. Our marketplace, curation and distribution system is built to surface the work and perspectives of creators personally connected to or affected by the events happening around them. Being seen and being heard through the publication of their work is a powerful affirmation of a creator’s voice in the world.

We believe in the power and the need of a free press. Growing distrust in global journalism is concerning for the 24/7 information and content state we live in. Information is frequently sourced from peers and online forums – putting subjective perspectives above objective information. Building on Blockchain technologies allows us to rebuild trust in the information coming from sources all over the world.

Join us in empowering creators and publishers to build a new reality.

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