Is EVRealities for me?

EVRealities is for independent artists, sound engineers, editors, producers and writers ready to jump into a new VR/AR project. It’s also for Premium Digital Publishers, producers, marketing teams, and VR/AR production studios who need skilled talent or ready to publish VR/AR content.

Very simply, EVRealities is for anyone creating or ready to distribute virtual and augmented reality content.


Why should you engage your audience with VR or AR?

We’ve seen demonstrated success with increased audience engagement, information retention, and call to action click through with stories published in VR and AR formats. Most teams are still new to creating and publishing, immersive media, our Agoras are there to help you decide if a story is suited for VR/AR.


Can this content reach our audiences?

We make publishing VR/AR content as seamless as posting a video or blog. There are no additional apps to build or maintain, drive all your traffic directly back to your website through social media sharing. Contact us for more information on our white label tools to publish VR/AR experiences directly onto your website. It’s easy to assume VR is only accessible through expensive hardware.

Through our browser based approach there’s no additional VR hardware required! Your audience has access to every immersive experience in our marketplace directly on their web enabled phones and computers using Chrome, Firefox, or Samsung Internet browsers. For a full immersive experience, these browsers care available in every major VR headset.


Simple setup and discovery.

Teams that have a project requiring a skilled professional should fill out the form our gigs page. This project opportunity is delivered directly to reliable professionals with the relevant skills and requirements needed. Create your profile so creators know who they will be working with.

Creators set your hourly and day rates, add samples of your work and share a little about yourself in your profile. The more information and samples you provide, the easier it will be for your next project to find you.


Nervous about working with a new creator?

We understand that quality, professionalism, and referrals are all critical when assembling small and new teams for short-term projects. Creator bios, samples of their work, and their contributions to the community Agoras provide insights into who you’re bringing onto your project. Be sure to leave a referral for creators you’ve worked with directly in their bio!


Learn more about publishing VR/AR stories.

Agoras are available for and run by our community of artists, publishers, and producers who have been working in the VR/AR industry since its very early days. Read about the creative process and discuss best practices with the EVRealities community.


We’ve seen success with the following content categories:


Cultural Events

Parades, rallies, protests, celebrations; anytime you’ve said “You had to be there!” are great candidates for being shared in 360 Video and Virtual Reality. Capture the energy and scale of events happening all around us.

Science + Environment

For audiences familiar with the Magic School Bus, Science and Environmental topics will spring back to life with VR and AR. Animate our world or provide your audiences with hands on interactive learning. Virtually touch, reveal, and move objects and environments.

Innovation + Curiosities

Concepts, prototypes, art and fiction are the perfect opportunities for visual and interactive exploration. If you want digital audiences to physically understand the scale of your design, turn something in their hands, marvel at a creation from all sides – VR/AR is the format for you.

Adventure + Exploration

Joining a team for an expedition or a wild adventure is always better than going it alone. Presenting audiences the opportunities to to be part of the story and explore can be far more engaging in VR than standard video.

Data Visualization

VR/AR are great mediums for interacting with Big Data, visualizing and physically engage with data in an entertaining and memorable way. Data sets and trends over time can often be skimmed over, VR/AR ensure your audience understands the movement and effects of that data.

Will this help with contractor compliance?


While we are not an HR tool, we will soon provide  links and resources for legal considerations when hiring contractors.

Can I pay contractors directly from this site?


Transacting the purchase of services and content is our specialty. We look forward to providing a seamless purchasing experience as soon as we are out of Closed Beta.

Are contractor and licensing agreements included in a purchase?


We strive to empower as many creators as we can to represent themselves. Creators will soon be able to automate the licensing and pricing of their own work.